All vessels docked or moored in Hingham's Waterways are required to display a valid mooring permit issued annually by the Harbormaster.

Please see the Town of Hingham 
Mooring Regulations which govern both the permitting process and mooring gear requirements. 

Use ’Online Mooring’ to Apply & Pay for your mooring permit or join an assignment list


Mooring Permit

The Harbormaster issues Boat Mooring Permits for boaters who desire to moor their vessel in either the Inner Harbor Mooring Basin (adjacent to 3A rotary), the Outer Harbor Mooring Fields A through D (adjacent to Crow Point and south between Langlee, Sara and Ragged Island), Hewitt's Cove Mooring Field (adjacent to the Hingham Shipyard), the Back River Mooring Field (along the Hingham shore near the 3A bridge to Weymouth) or the World's End Mooring Field (located up the Weir River). All mooring assignments begin with an assignment list application.

When selecting a desired mooring location it is important to know the following information:

Inner Harbor: Available to anyone due to public access at Town Pier. Vessel Max Length is 30'

Outer Harbor: Available only to members of the Hingham Yacht Club due to lack of public access

Hewitt's Cove: Available to anyone, however once assigned a location, you must contract through the Hingham Shipyard Marina for Access

Back River: Available only to South Shore Yacht Club members due to lack of public access

World's End: Available to anyone, accessible by boat only (destination location for day trips or overnight trips)

Residential Mooring Permit

The Harbormaster issues Residential Mooring Permits to those boaters who would like to obtain a permit for a single-point mooring location that is not included in an engineered mooring field. Applications are approved on a case-by-case basis. Most applicants for this permit have waterfront property and/or must be able to reasonably access the mooring location from their residence. All residential mooring assignments begin with submitting a mooring assignment list application through Online Mooring. Select the "Apply" button next to the Residential Mooring Permit field.

Boat Docking Permit

The Harbormaster issues Boat Docking Permits to those boaters who have contracted for a slip at a marina located in Hingham, including Bare Cove Marina, Hingham Harbor Marina and Hingham Shipyard Marina. All boats docked in a slip must display a current and valid Boat Docking permit. Apply for a docking permit through Online Mooring and select the "Apply" button next to the Boat Docking Permit field for your marina; the marina must confirm that you have a current contract for the assigned slip.

Dinghy Dock Permit

The Harbormaster issues Dinghy Dock Permits to those boaters who would like to keep a dinghy on the Dinghy Float at the Town Pier. All Dinghy Dock assignments begin with an assignment list application. Apply online at Online Mooring and select the "Apply" button next to the Dinghy Dock field.

Moored Float Permit

The Harbormaster issues Moored Float Permits to those applicants who would like to moor a seasonal floating dock. Applications are approved on a case-by-case basis. Most applicants for this permit have waterfront property and/or must be able to reasonably access the float from their residence. All Moored Float permits begin with an assignment list application. Submit your application with Online Mooring by selecting the "Apply" button next to the Moored Float Permit field.

Transient Mooring Rental Permits

The Harbormaster maintains transient moorings for rent in the Inner Harbor and in World's End Mooring Area. The rental period is from 11am the day of arrival through 10am the following day. The moorings fill quickly especially on holidays and weekends in July and August. All available transient moorings can be reserved in advance with a paid transient application submitted online at the Town of Hingham's Online Mooring website.

Langlee Island Camping Permits


Langlee Campsites - Langlee Island Camping Permit Application

Use the link to check campsite availability and submit a camping permit application through The permit is free of charge. Please review the Langlee Island Camping rules below prior to submitting an application..

Fill out the application and be sure to provide a good email. Once authorized, you will receive an approval notice email from Please print or retain an electronic copy of the permit, and have it available while on the island. 

There is also a transient mooring available for campers on Langlee island that incurs a fee of $35 for a period of 24 hours, you can submit a reservation request for the mooring through

Langlee Island Camping rules:

1. All camping and special use is permitted by reservation only. 

2. Campers must carry out what they carry onto the island including waste.

3. Occupying a campsite is by reservation only.

4. Maximum capacity is five people on the south campsite and ten people on the north campsite.

5. No open campfire allowed upland of the high tide line.

6. No glass allowed on the island.

7. Charcoal or fuel cooking stoves are allowed at designated campsites.

8. Pets, alcoholic beverages, bonfires, firearms, fireworks, and any explosive devises are prohibited.

9. Disorderly and disruptive conduct and amplified sound are prohibited.

10. Quiet hours are 9:00pm through 8:00am.

11. Disturbing, removing, defacing, cutting, littering, or otherwise causing damage to any natural or man-made object is prohibited. 

12. Island closed from dusk to dawn unless otherwise permitted. 

13.Camping on Island is considered a wilderness experience, requiring the camping party to be prepared to supply their own food, water, shelter, first-aid and to secure transportation to and from the camping island.

14. Camping party must have this permit in hand while on the Island.

15.Use of the Island dingy, if available, is the sole choice of the user and the camping party is free to choose not to use the dingy.

16. The camping party shall indemnify and HOLD HARMLESS the Harbormaster and the Town of Hingham against any and all claims or other causes of action arising out of or in connection with the use of the Island or dingy hereby authorized.

17. Any violation of the above terms is cause for permit cancellation, removal from island, fines incurred, and forfeiture of all fees paid.

Approved Mooring Services & Inspectors

Providers   Phone
Aquamarine Services Andy Spinale 781-925-3483
Bare Cove Marine Nick Bonn 781-733-0068
The above listed Mooring Service/Inspectors are qualified and authorized by the Harbormaster to service and inspect moorings in the Hingham Waterways for the mooring areas as indicated.