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Hingham Police Department
EMAS System


Everyday more homes and business are using E-mail. E.M.A.S uses this new communications tool to deliver information directly to the public from the police department. It allows the public to participate in the process of community policing by being informed of events occurring in the town of Hingham. It also allows Hingham citizens to communicate directly back to the department.

Currently the public is dependent upon the newspaper media to receive information about area criminal activity. In many cases it can take a week for this information to be disseminated by the press. Often this is too late. When the town is subjected to criminal activity, the faster the police can disseminate the information to the public, the better chance the public will be of assistance.

Any Hingham resident or business interested in community safety can receive E.M.A.S. This is a free service. There is no special hardware or software needed. To enlist in this program, press here. If you have any questions, please send an email to Hinghampolice@yahoo.com


 Q & A

What information will I receive?

ALERTS: information about current criminal activity with enough appropriate detail to help develop leads in a case. For example, someone attempts to abduct a child. The Hingham Police may disseminate information as to general location, any vehicles they may be looking for, or description of the suspects. Information may be given by geographical area or to the entire system depending upon its relevance.


FOLLOW UPS: Follow up information, when appropriate, on the disposition of incidents reported earlier. For example, information on any arrests or other new appropriate details.


MESSAGES: Occasional information on meetings, events, or classes related to community safety. For example, landlord training, business seminars and law changes you need to know, etc...


Will my email address be given to others?

No! All messages will be sent via blind carbon copy (Bcc). Your email address will not appear on the top of messages sent. We do not give out email addresses without permission of the individual.


If I no longer wish to receive E.M.A.S., what do I do?

Simply "Unsubscribe" at the bottom of your next EMAS bulletin or email Hinghampolice@yahoo.com and request that your email address be removed.


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