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  1. Two Officers Injured After Being Attacked by Man at Job Site
  2. Scam Call Claiming to be Hingham Police
  3. Bomb Threats Phoned into Linden Ponds Senior Community
  4. Residents Wake to Find Man Inside Home
  5. Third Offense Drunk Driving Arrest After Daytime Traffic Stop
  6. Two Face Charges After Stealing and Defacing Flag
  7. Break Into Business Through Holes Cut in Roof
  8. Suspects Break into ATM Using Stolen Truck
  9. Child in Crosswalk Struck by Vehicle
  10. Woman Arrested After Assaulting Police Officer
  11. Person Surrenders After Standoff with Police
  12. Man Faces Numerous Firearms Related Charges
  13. Statement of Hingham Police Chief Glenn Olsson Regarding the Death of George Floyd
  14. Police Investigating Incident of Cemetery Headstones Knocked Over
  15. Two Arrested After Driver Flees From Traffic Stop
  16. Traffic Stop Results in Drug Charges and Cash Seized
  17. Man Arrested After Shooting At SWAT Officers
  18. Driver Arrested After Driving Into the Rear of Police Station
  19. Man Walks Out of Store Carrying Clothing In Front of Police Car
  20. Man Charged With Breaking into Restaurant
  21. Driver Discards Drugs at Scene Following Crash
  22. K9 Tracks Woman Who Broke Into Occupied Home
  23. Driver Injured After Truck Drives Into Occupied Building
  24. Woman Falls Victim to Arrested Relative Phone Scam
  25. Driver Arrested for Third Offense Drunk Driving After Crash
  26. Resident Lost Thousands in Social Security Scam Call
  27. Charges Sought Against Parents for Social Host Law Violations
  28. Man Arrested for Breaking into Car at Closed Dealership
  29. Update on Police Cruiser and Car Involved in Crash
  30. Police Cruiser and Car Involved in Crash
  31. Drugs and Cash Seized Following Traffic Stop
  32. Two Arrested For Allegedly Stealing Mail from Post Office Mailbox
  33. Police Warn of Officers Name Being Used in Online Scams
  34. Man Turns Himself In After Alleged Exposure Incident
  35. Police Response After Threat to School
  36. Man Charged With Indecent Assault and Battery on a Child
  37. Update-Driver Arrested After Crash While Fleeing Police
  38. Driver Arrested After Crash While Fleeing Police
  39. Businesses Receive Emailed Bomb Threats
  40. ATM Broken Into November 28 2018
  41. Two Arrested After Drug Investigation
  42. Phone Calls About Gun Prompt High School Lockdown
  43. Overnight Restaurant Break In
  44. Elderly Resident Falls Victim to Grandparent Phone Scam
  45. Overheard Phone Conversation on Bus Leads to Arrest
  46. Man Arrested for Lewd Conduct in the Athletic Field Parking Lot
  47. Police Investigating Report of Man Exposing Himself In Library
  48. Man Arrested for Disseminating and Possession of Child Pornography
  49. Man Arrested After Allegedly Pointing Gun at Man in Park
  50. Man Arrested in Assault of Elderly Woman Assaulted
  51. Man Arrested Driving Stolen Car that Had Been Left Running
  52. Teens Taken to Hospital after Eating Marijuana Candy
  53. Elderly Woman Assaulted in Home After Break In
  54. Three Injured When Truck Drives Into Hingham Restaurant
  55. Three Face Charges After Brief Pursuit With Stolen Car
  56. Driver Charged With Repeat Drunk Driving After Crashing Into Ambulance
  57. Five Arrested After Organized Retail Theft of Display Phones
  58. Police Investigating Assault of Teenager
  59. Crash Sends Car Onto Three Parked Cars
  60. Citizens Call Leads to Arrest of Repeat Offender in Stolen Car
  61. Couple Nearly Falls Victim to the Grandparent Scam
  62. Donation from Pink Patch Sales to Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
  63. Fatal Pedestrian Crash on George Washington Blvd
  64. Traffic Stop Leads to Arrest for Break into Hingham Business
  65. Hingham Police Going Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month
  66. Man Faces Numerous Charges After Discovered Breaking Into Cars Overnight
  67. Man Arrested at Home With Assistance of SWAT Team
  68. Driver Will Not Be Charged in December Pedestrian Fatality
  69. Driver Arrested After Morning Crash for Eighth Operating Under the Influence
  70. Routine Check of License Plate Leads to Arrest for Trafficking in Cocaine
  71. Driver Charged with Intent to Distribute Marijuana
  72. Driver Arrested for Driving Under the Influence and Carrying a Firearm Under the Influence
  73. Fingerprints Lead to Arrest in Break on HMS Fitzroy Dr
  74. House Break and Car Stolen from Summer Street Home
  75. Man Arrested for Breaking Into Business Twice
  76. Police Investigating Apparent Self Inflicted Gunshot Incident
  77. Investigation of Incident of Cookies With Marijuana Brought to School
  1. Two Officers Injured After Being Attacked by Man at Job Site

    Hingham, MA – Two Officers were injured Thursday after being attacked by a man who refused to leave a job site. The man and two Officers were transported to the hospital. All were treated and released. The man was arrested and faces several charges. Read on...
  2. Update-Incident Resolved With Man Who Spoke to Girl Yesterday

    Update-We identified this man and met with him. He lives in the same neighborhood, was making conversation as he walked, and did not mean to frighten anyone. We are satisfied this has been resolved. Read on...
  3. Police Seek to Talk to Man Who Spoke With Girl Near Bus Stop

    Hingham, MA - Police received a report of a man who spoke with a 12 year old who had been dropped off the school bus today. Officers are not suspecting criminal intent at this time and are hoping to speak with the man to eliminate any unneeded concern. Read on...
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