Buckle Up Sign Program

We sought an additional way to remind and encourage people to use their seatbelts. We decided to design and post signs throughout Hingham. We chose places to display these signs that drivers and passenger may see them as they exit parking lots or while stopped at intersections. Our intention was to target school parking lot exits, retail parking lots and public/recreational parking lots because many people forget to buckle up as they drive out.

In order to encourage voluntary compliance, we chose a sign with a friendly reminder message. The signs are colorful, reflective, made to last years and show a partnership with the property owner and the police. In order to pay for the signs we sought out partnerships with various businesses and organizations. The signs cost approximately $150 each. We have a total of 37 signs posted. Of those, 8 signs were fully paid for through a grant from the Massachusetts Governors Highway Safety Bureau. Private donors paid for the other 29 signs. Each of the donors had their name affixed to the bottom of each sign.

Buckle Up Sign
Besides encouraging more people to buckle up the signs also show the customers and visitors the working partnership between the Hingham Police and the individual business or school. As a way to gain more attention to the idea of buckling up each sponsor or donor for each sign had their picture taken beside their sign. The local newspaper, The Hingham Journal, supported our efforts by agreeing to publish one new buckle up sign picture weekly. With the support of the newspaper the public was able to see a new picture each week and in effect reminded week after week to buckle up.

For more information about this program please contact Sgt. Steven Dearth