Vacation House Check

You can notify the Hingham Police Department if you are going on vacation for more than 3 days and less than 30 days to make us aware that your house will be vacant. The Hingham Police Department does not make any guarantees that your residence will be checked, and assumes no liabilities for your residence being vacant. The purpose of this notification is to make us aware of that the property will be unoccupied and we will attempt to check the property during routine cruiser patrols. The property owner must appear in person with a photo ID at the Hingham Police station and should be able to provide the following information:
  • Starting / Return Date
  • Local / Emergency Contact for property
  • Alarm company information (if applicable)
  • Information on lights (timers or left on)
  • Motor Vehicles to be left on property and make, model, color and registration number of vehicles
  • Any additional information you feel is pertinent
  • We will not accept forms for periods less than 3 days or exceeding 30 days or for properties that are listed for sale or rent.
If you wish to notify the police department and request a notification / patrol request for your residence due to special circumstances (house will be empty due to a funeral/wake, etc) for a short period of time please call the business line of the 24 hour Regional Dispatch center at 781-740-0270.