Core Values

We are committed to policing with the citizens of Hingham to achieve a safe and healthy community. The core values form the foundation on which we perform our duties and conduct ourselves. These values are used as a guide and source of inspiration for all that we say and do. They are an integral part of our daily operations and ensure that our personal and professional behavior reflect our highest traditions of excellence. 


A fundamental mandate of our profession is to conduct ourselves with the highest level of integrity that merits the respect of the people we serve; assuring the community that their public trust is well founded. We will always act with honesty and honor without compromising the truth. Our actions will be consistent with our core values, our code of ethics and law. We are proud of the traditions of our chosen profession and recognize that our actions must continually justify the trust bestowed to us by those we serve. 


We provide quality, professional service to every citizen we come in contact with. We are dedicated to safeguarding our community and the lives and property of those within. We are present to reduce crime and disorder and enhance public safety. We work in partnership with the community to resolve community problems that affect the quality of life and public safety. We value proactive problem solving and enforcement activity to reduce crime and the fear of crime. We continuously work to fulfill the citizens by responding to the needs of those we serve. 


We continue to meet challenges and adversity with perseverance to attain individual and organizational goals. We are accountable. We strive for personal and professional excellence. We are dependable and responsible. There is always room for improvement, and the never ending search for improvement leads to excellence. We aim for excellence in everything we do. 


We expect all of our personnel to guide, trust, develop and empower each other within the organization as well as in the community. We lead by example. We make timely decisions that are guided by both values and evidence. The future of our organization and our ability to serve the community is strongly dependent upon developing leaders. We recognize and reward service of our personnel as well as inspire participation and commitment through a shared vision. We each accept responsibility, show commitment, and lead by example.

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