Animal Control

  1. Leslie Badger

    Animal Control Officer

The Town of Hingham has 1 full-time Animal Control Officer. The Animal Control Officer is responsible for all injured, sick and deceased animals in the Town of Hingham.

Report a Coyote Sighting

Please DO NOT call 911 to report seeing a coyote unless there is an emergency or immediate threat to humans.  To report a coyote sighting please complete the Report a Coyote Sighting Form and include as much detail as possible.  All sightings reported via this form will be logged and followed up on by the Animal Control Officer or one of her assistants. More info...

Reporting Dog Bites

If you need medical attention or if the bite requires an emergency response, dial 911. If you need to report a past dog bite please call 781-741-1490 and leave a message.

Off-Leash at Bare Cove Park

Full details about walking dogs off-leash in Bare Cove Park is available through the Town Clerk's site.  
Please visit for full regulations, apply online for a permit and the Permitted Area Map.  
You may also Report an Off-Leash Incident in Bare Cove Park.


Any questions regarding wildlife, please contact the New England Wildlife Center at 781-749-1248.

Learn more about Living with Wildlife.

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