Fraud/Scam Awareness

Incidents of fraud or attempted scams take place everywhere. They are not limited to one age group or geographic area. The types of scams may change but the solutions remains the same-education and prevention. We have made a list of the four most common scams our residents and businesses have been falling victim of and produced a scam awareness card.

With the support of the local businesses, we've displayed these cards near the area where money is wired or the gift cards are sold. It;s our hope that a would be victim may see these cards before they send any money. These cards are also available at our front desk or you can download one here.

Always be suspicious when getting an unsolicited call or message. Just delete it, hang up or do not answer an unrecognized call. You can always do some research on your own and call them back once you are satisfied that it is a legitimate call.  

Most Common Scams Locally

  • Internal Revenue Service (IRS) calls you to demand payment for back taxes and threatens court action, lawsuit or arrest
  • National Grid or other utility calls you to demand payment immediately or power/gas will be shut off immediately (used many times on  business during peak time to distract owner
  • Arrested or kidnapped relative needs to be bailed out in (used frequently on grandparents)
  • Sweepstakes or lottery winner but you must send money to pay taxes to collect your winnings
  • Computer repair or technical support calls or emails you to address your computer issues 
Scam Awareness Card