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Animal Control

  1. Report a Coyote Sighting

    This form is to be used to report a coyote sighting within the Town of Hingham.

Hingham Police Department

  1. Alarm Registration
  2. Application for Solicitation Permit
  3. Police Records Request

    Use this form to request a public record from the police department.

  4. Radar Speed Trailer Request

    Use this form to request the radar speed trailer to be placed in your neighborhood.

  1. Anonymous Tips

    This form may be used by anyone to anonymously submit a tip to the Hingham Police Department. If you choose to identify yourself your... More…

  2. Citizen's Police Academy Application

    Application to attend the Citizen's Police Academy

  3. Public Feedback Form

    This form can be used to submit a compliment or concern about a member of our department, or a suggestion.

  4. Traffic Enforcement Request

    Use this form to request Traffic Officers to be assigned for motor vehicle law enforcement in your neighborhood.